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Strategic Search Roadmap

This is more than a job search. This is your career. Your life direction. And it’s an amazing opportunity to define and achieve the job—and career—of your dreams.

Transition Corner’s Strategic Search Roadmap is a self-directed, intentional methodology we developed based on decades counseling candidates in our recruiting business. It’s a clear, disciplined, step-by-step process proven to give you the clarity you need to build the career you want.

Reflect. Plan. Prepare. Execute. The roadmap takes you through each stage, beginning with crucial self-reflection, with unique worksheets and highly effective “notepad exercises” designed to help you determine your path, create your master plan, do the prep work you need to do and then execute the plan.

So many think a job search is all about activity. They think getting “busy”—dusting off the resume, calling contacts, searching job boards and applying for numerous positions—is the way to get the job you want, mistaking diligence for directed action.

The point of the Transition Corner Strategic Search Roadmap is to guide you to a develop a clear vision of your desired destination and a detailed strategy to get there. When you know exactly where you want to go and have a well-thought-out plan, it shows. In your resume, your LinkedIn page, your cover letter and, most important, in the interview. You’re confident. Relaxed. Focused. Exactly what hiring authorities—including those at your dream job—want to see.

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