Resume Analysis and Resume ATS Keyword Audit

Resume Analysis: Identify your gaps

Is your resume as effective as it can be at reflecting your success and career accomplishments? Does it have the elements, attributes and search terms required to separate you from a crowd of thousands who may be competing for the job you want? The Transition Corner Resume Analysis is an excellent way to find out.

Let our resume experts conduct a comprehensive assessment of your resume against the Academy of Certified Resume Writers Standards of Excellence. We’ll apply our expertise developed over decades of recruiting top talent and advising hiring authorities in a personalized, in-depth report that evaluates your resume in five critical areas against a specific job description:

  • Grammar, punctuation and spelling errors
  • Consistent formatting and ease of review
  • Presentation of relevant experience including hard and soft skills as they relate to the role you’re applying for
  • Concise description of qualified and quantified accomplishments
  • Effective representation of the scope of your responsibilities and expertise

Each report provides detailed guidance and tips you can implement for immediate improvement to make sure you’re presenting your best professional self and move forward with confidence.

Example Report:

Resume ATS Keyword Audit: Make it to the “yes” stack

Did you know that the vast majority of hiring companies use automated ATS (applicant tracking system) software to screen and select candidates for further review? That’s right, the resume you worked so hard to create might not even be reviewed by a human being before the decision is made whether to contact you for an interview.

ATS bots scan applicant resumes for important keywords from the job description to identify the candidates with the strongest match to the specific experience and skills required for the position. That makes the skillful inclusion of keywords critical to your success.

But what are those keywords? Where in your resume will they be the most effective? You can review the job description and make an educated guess, or you can engage Transition Corner’s sophisticated Resume ATS Keyword Audit service.

Get definitive guidance on the keywords most likely to searched and where they fit best in your resume. Simply upload your resume, copy and paste the job description in a window and hit send. We offer our Resume ATS Keyword Audits in a subscription format so you can tailor your resume easily to every opportunity.

Example Report:

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