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Career Optimizer

Designed for professionals highly committed to accelerating their career plan through leveraging maximum support. Your Career is Our Mission!


Career Optimizer – What’s Included

From preparation to presentation, differentiate yourself in your career search process. Optimize your career plan by unlocking the power of our most comprehensive package, offering the support you need to gain a competitive advantage ahead of other candidates. Delivering tools to define your career proposition, create an ideal opportunity checklist, and nailing behavioral-based interview questions. Designed for professionals highly committed to accelerating their career plan through leveraging maximum support. Take control of your career and land your ideal career opportunity!

Career Optimizer Package Includes:

Strategic Search Roadmap

Don’t miss a beat. Transition Corner’s Strategic Search Roadmap is the essential tool to landing your ideal career opportunity. We give you the roadmap from start to finish. You apply the discipline to maximize your ROI.

Search Activity Tracker

Conducting a job search takes multitasking to new heights. Our Search Activity Tracker will keep you organized so you can focus on landing your ideal career opportunity.

Cover Letter and Thank You Practices

Execute flawlessly. Every detail is a deciding factor for hiring managers and could make the difference of another candidate beating you for the win. Transition Corner’s tool will help to keep you on the short list all the way to the finish line.

Defining Your Career Value Proposition

What does the interviewer really want to know when they ask, “Tell me about yourself,” or “Walk me through your resume?” Is it just an ice breaker or is it a way to test the candidate’s level of self-awareness? Our Defining Your Career Value Proposition will prepare you to nail the answer.

Single Biggest Mistake

Learn the single biggest mistake candidates make to cost them the job and how you can best prepare to ace the interview.

Ideal Opportunity Checklist

Are you looking for a “job” or do you aspire to land your ideal opportunity leading to short and long-term success? Our exclusive tool will help you reduce the clutter to avoid costly mistakes. We’re in your corner.

Interview Mastery Guide (PDF)

Expect the unexpected. Transition Corner’s exclusive interview preparation platform will prepare you to shine no matter how the interview is approached. Skip the cursory and trendy ‘tips and tricks’ advice. You only get one shot – learn from the masters.