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Confident in your resume? Refine your opportunity targeting, leverage keywords that automated resume screening technology looks for to increase your chances, and then develop the skills you need to ace the interview.


What’s Included

Accelerator Package Includes:

Interview Mastery Guide (PDF)Learn More

Expect the unexpected. Transition Corner’s exclusive interview preparation platform will prepare you to excel, no matter which direction the interview takes. Skip the cursory and trendy “tips and tricks” advice. You only get one shot—learn from the masters. In pdf format.

Resume ATS Keyword AuditLearn More

At Transition Corner, we have advanced software to beat the bots by automating keyword analysis of a specific job description and providing an instant assessment to improve your resume’s fit. The Accelerator package includes one keyword audit, but this service is available separately in a subscription format so you can tailor your resume to every opportunity.

Cover Letter/Thank-You Note Practices

Details matter. The resume cover letter and follow-up note after the interview are often an important part of what separates the winner from the also-rans. Learn how to craft yours here.

Ideal Opportunity Checklist

Are you just seeking a job, or are you looking to advance your career? Do you want a position with long-term potential, or do you want to be back on the job market in a few years? Clarity is key to accepting the right opportunity. This proprietary checklist provides it.

Single Biggest Mistake

One common interview mistake is responsible for 90 percent of candidates who don’t get the offer. Learn what hiring managers are really looking for and turn this situation from a potential deal breaker to a deal-sealer.

Search Activity Tracker

Conducting a job search takes multitasking to new heights, with a multitude of moving parts. Every detail matters—our Search Activity Tracker will keep you organized.