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Job Search Readiness Quiz – Passive Job Status

Which of the below best describes your mindset and motivation to explore new career opportunities:
Which of the below best describes your current work situation:
Do your best friends or family members know your career goals?
Are you prepared to describe the criteria in which you define your ideal career opportunity to your network, recruiters, and hiring authorities?
Have you practiced your career value proposition in the mirror?
Have you asked your previous boss and/or your references what type of role and company they would advise you pursue?
Does more than 50% of your resume include quantifiable accomplishments?
If you asked your neighbor or dry cleaner cashier to review your resume, would they be clear on the details of your role, function, industry, sector, and areas of specific ownership within each of your positions throughout your career?
Do recruiters or hiring managers proactively contact you on LinkedIn to present relevant and compelling opportunities?
Has anyone in your professional network offered to make your introduction to key hiring authorities at companies you are interested in exploring?
Have you timed your answer to the potential interview questions: “Tell Me About Yourself” or “Walk me through your resume”?
Have you identified and contacted an industry professional mentor to assist you in evaluating the fit of a potential opportunity to avoid making a career error?
Of the first interviews you have taken, what percentage of companies have invited you back for a second interview?
Have you recorded your practice answers to behavioral based interview questions?
Have you practiced your answer to a hiring authority when they ask: “What is going on in your current job situation that would bring you to entertain our opportunity and WHY are you here?”
Have you identified and contacted your references, and do you know what your references are likely to say about you?
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