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Meet the Experts

We have interviewed thousands of candidates over the years for a very wide variety of positions, and we know success in the business world does not equate to success in a job search. It’s a different set of skills entirely—learn them, and you’ll increase the odds that your search will be successful.


We know what makes resumes and candidates stand out in the crowd. We know what goes on behind the scenes at most hiring organizations. We know the hidden intent behind the even most simple interview question, and we know the most common mistake candidates make that can blow an opportunity for them.

Key Members of the Transition Corner Team:

Lisa Wolf

Founder & CEO, Transition Corner
President & CEO, Wolf Search Solutions

Like every business leader, Lisa Wolf has seen the impact of a global pandemic through the eyes of her clients while running the company she founded more than 25 years ago, Wolf Search Solutions. With regulations and market conditions changing almost daily, companies have struggled to keep up and keep moving forward. Skilled, effective professionals have, many for the first time in their careers, found themselves out of a job. She knew she had to take action.

Lisa has always been an ardent advocate for candidates’ and clients’ collective success, fiercely proud to uphold her purpose in changing lives and career trajectories for the positive. Transition Corner was born from the foundational construct of Lisa’s mission:

To be a catalyst for professionals to rise and to take control of their careers and to provide them with robust tools and resources to master their career journey. Transition Corner clients deserve nothing less.

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Kelly Urness

Director, Transition Corner
Recruiter, Wolf Search Solutions

Kelly Urness is a recruiting and research expert with a passion for delivering outstanding results while elevating both the candidate and client experience.

At Transition Corner, Kelly plays a vital role as Director, with a dedication to upholding the highest standards of excellence as she helps professionals create and propel growth in their careers. Kelly brings a solutions-based mindset to everything she does, and she thrives in Transition Corner’s active, empowering approach to helping job seekers—and those exploring their options—own their future.

Kelly leads operations and our team of career management experts. As an Academy Certified Resume Writer (ACRW) and Academy Certified Profile Writer (ACPW), she’s the brains behind our Resume Analysis, Resume ATS Keyword Audit, LinkedIn Profile and DIY Resume Writing Guide platforms and tools.

Kelly is a master at developing competitive and compelling resumes, LinkedIn profiles and cover letters to elevate Transition Corner clients’ experience and results. In addition, she developed Transition Corner’s robust Resume Analysis platform and our DIY Resume Writing Guide tool according to the Academy of Resume Writing and Academy of Profile Writing Standards of Excellence.

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“The interview preparation platform is fantastic! I learned the critical nature of ‘telling the story of my career’ – first to myself to better evaluate and compare two simultaneous opportunities AND to prepare to articulate during high stakes interviews. The work paid off and I landed my ideal opportunity!”


Vice President of Sales & Marketing

“Lisa helped me land the dream job I did not know existed! After nearly 14 years at my previous company, I was unfamiliar with interviewing and was apprehensive about the whole process. I was totally unprepared to interview.

Lisa provided top notch resume and interview guidance through live coaching sessions and detailed do it yourself guides. The thoughtful and insightful coaching equipped me with the right tools that ultimately eliminated my anxiety and boosted my confidence and readiness.”


Commercial L&D Director

“The tools and coaching helped me evaluate how to maximize moments of transition and how to assess what should be next. I learned how to think about my career holistically versus a simple path and how to leverage my unique strengths and skills to decide each next step. The interview preparation coaching and support tool was key! I have been using the tool for years.

Their proven process is distinctive – a clear process that focuses on skills developed and lessons learned to determine the best accomplishment examples to share in the interview. The process took an investment of time and self-reflection. Investment pays off.”