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LinkedIn Profile Guide

LinkedIn is the number-one professional networking site in the world. Everyone goes to LinkedIn. Hiring managers, recruiting firms, everyone. Including customers and business prospects. In fact, 90 percent of recruiters use LinkedIn to locate and vet candidates. If you don’t have the right words and descriptions in your profile, you’re not going to get the call.

LinkedIn is critical to your career regardless of your situation. Whether you’re secure in your current position, starting to think about exploring your options or a candidate actively looking, it pays to make sure your LinkedIn page is up-to-date and optimized for keyword searches.

Transition Corner’s LinkedIn Profile Guide will help you write a great profile that captures your unique background, spotlights your strengths and makes it easy to find you. And remember, this is not your resume. It need to be your story, written in clear, concise, professional language with just the right amount of personality.

With Transition Corner’s LinkedIn Profile Guide, you’ll put your best foot forward. It’s a simple, step-by-step tool that guides creation of a profile that makes it easy for anyone to get the key points quickly and easily. In a matter of seconds, they’ll know what you do and what you’ve done.

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