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Interview Mastery Guide

Available in PDF and video formats

Interviewing is a skill. This deceptively simple truth is perhaps the most important thing you need to know in order to rise above the others, ace the interview and get the offer.

Interviewing is a critical component in taking control of your career, and you can master it. We have 30-plus years of experience recruiting candidates and preparing them for the interview. We’ve put our years of insider insights—working with hiring managers, learning the details of what they look for and how they choose candidates—into this guide. Insights you won’t get anywhere else.

We do it differently. This is not about anticipating interview questions and memorizing answers. This is about learning what hiring managers really want to know with the questions they ask. It’s about mastering proven techniques for going in as a well-prepared candidate. It’s about being nimble, agile and natural in the interview instead of stiff and scripted.

With our proprietary methodology, you’ll learn through valuable preparation exercises—how to research a company the right way, how to use the SAAA (situation, action, accomplishment, application) method to talk about your experience and qualifications, how to understand and focus on what’s most relevant to the hiring person—designed to maximize the chances you’re the one who gets the offer.

The Transition Corner Interview Mastery Guide comes in both pdf and video formats, with a step-by-step approach, learning-focused “notepad exercises,” proprietary techniques and a rich appendix of information to connect the dots and bring your best self to the interview.

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