Quick Answers to Common Questions

Career decisions—and the actions you take—are among the most important you’ll make in your life. Do you have some initial questions? Here are answers to the ones we hear most often.

What is Transition Corner?

We’re job search experts with decades of successfully placing candidates in positions from entry level to the C-Suite across job functions, industry sectors and channels. We formed Transition Corner to package the benefits of that experience for professionals across all industries. Our proprietary playbook of better-than-best practices provides you everything you need to achieve real confidence, competitively differentiate yourself and master the career search process.

Get Started!

Why not just hire a resume service or career coach to get where I want to be?

In our experience, the truest path to success is to own your process from day one. The time (and money) you’ll spend filling out profile forms and speaking to consultants is better spent empowering yourself. That’s why we created tools and proven learning formats with a DIY focus to crystalize your story in your mind, add clarity and discipline to your plan, and build deep, unshakeable confidence—all of which will come out in your interviews and put you in the best position to land the job you want.

What services does Transition Corner provide?

Our mission is your career. We seek to fulfill this mission by empowering you to take control of the process from the beginning of the job search through achieving your ideal position. We provide a playbook of strategic career mastery solutions you’ll find nowhere else, reasonably priced and packaged to meet you where you are in your search. Browse our Services section to learn more.

Start with our free Transition Corner Job Search Readiness Quiz to define your needs and choose the right Transition Corner package for you.

What is the best package for me?

At Transition Corner, you’ll find a range of packages tailored to help you master your career search. With our free Transition Corner Job Search Readiness Quiz, what you learn in just five minutes will help you choose the best package for you, based on your personal situation and needs.

How long can I access the information on my Transition Corner Dashboard?

You can access your package for up to one year from the date of purchase. With the value our tools offer, that’s plenty of time.  See Terms & Conditions for more information.

What is your refund policy?

Please see our Terms & Conditions for information regarding refunds.

Who can I contact for other questions I have about Transition Corner?

Please send any questions to info@transitioncorner.com